FAQ on How to Save a Relationship

Is you’re finding your relationship in danger of a breakup, this article will answer some common questions that I have encountered on how you can go about saving a relationship from those dreaded words, “we need to talk.”

If you are concerned that your relationship is breaking at the seams
and you guys might break up, than you should continue reading some of
my personal answers to common questions asked about saving a

Q: Where do I start to save my relationship?

First, you must realize and know for sure that this relationship is
important to you. It depends on your situation but most relationships
breaking up has both or one of the parties involved taking the
relationship for granted. Your relationship might start to fray when
you start to neglect any form of affection.

Q: When it comes to my troubled relationship , where do I begin to fix it.

Blaming one another isn’t going to fix the relationship. Being in
control of your own actions can help fix your frayed relationship. You
will need to look deep within you and ask yourself these hard
questions. Think about what you  have done to make the relationship the
way it is, if you want to improve your relationship, you need first
improve yourself. You can’t expect anyone other than yourself to change

Q: How can I change my boyfriend?

From what you’ve read earlier, you can’t expect anyone to change for
you. You have to love him for who he is or not at all. Some people
these days think everything should be equally divided. From household
cleaning to paying for dates to buying groceries, or anything else you
can think of. This could be a perfect way to treat a business but it
can really damage a relationship. No matter what your significant other
does or doesn’t do, you need to love them no matter what.

Q: What can I do to reverse the damaged that has been done to our relationship?

If you know what caused your relationship to be damaged then you should
already know what NOT to do. You need to watch what you can say or do
to cause a fight and stop yourself from doing those things. With
practice, it will be easier to catch yourself  before you do something
that can hurt your relationship more. When you catch yourself, you
should be the bigger person and drop the issue if it’s not worth the

Q: How else can I fix our damaged relationship?

Let your partner know that you are willing to do what it takes to help
save your relationship. Be honest with your feelings and just tell him
you are sorry for what you have contributed to the current situation.
Try no to be self-righteous about the situation or explain your
actions. Get ready for whatever may happen and be honest with your
feelings. Let him know that this relationship is worth saving to you
because you love him and will make your best effort to fix it. He might
also take apologize for things he has done, but that doesn’t matter.
Being sincere and apologetic will let him know you are committed to
fixing the relationship.

It may take some time to change things
and learn to do and say things differently. Being honest with each
other and committing to the relationship will make it easier to save
what you two have.