How to Get Over the Relationship Problems?

No relationship if ever foolproof and it make no sense whether you are living together for 30 years or just for a few months. There are several relationship problems that persist in married life. Take a look at some of the most common signs of relationship crisis to best avoid them.

Relationship problems have become quite common in present-day relationships, so it does not matter if you are married for the last 30 years or dating around for a few months. No relationship is blessed with the immune power against crisis as most of the couples face some odd situation at one or another point of their life. The best thing they can do to avoid relationship problems is to recognize them as soon as possible so as to avoid the relationship crisis.

Here is the list of some of the most common signs of relationship problems that lead to a painful breakup. Check this out to find if you are already headed or on the verge of having a crisis.

1. You live under one roof but not as a couple

One of the worst symptoms of crisis is that you live separate lives while living together. You share a home, but do your own things instead of living as a couple. You indulge yourself in your own activities and show no interest in your partner. If this is the case, then you are heading towards the red flag of relationship crisis.

2. Blame Game

If both of you keep on blaming each other for your problems, then this is again a serious sign of relationship problems leading to crisis. Blame game is always destructive and damages your connection. Try to understand that these problems are not one-sided and the responsibility should be shared by both parties.

3. Abuse

Any kind of abuse; be it physical, verbal or emotional should not be tolerated in a relationship. Sometimes we just deny or do not acknowledge the abuse just because it is not physically harming. This should not be done and tolerated in any case. If you relationship problems include abuse of any kind, this is a clear signal of relationship crisis.

4. Infidelity

Infidelity is another most common signal of crisis and usually happens when a need (usually sexual and emotional) is not met by a relationship. People who are absolutely satisfied with their marriage never cheat on their partner. Infidelity can cause a real-time crisis to any relationship it creeps into.

5. Unresolved Conflicts

Always keep you communication open and do not let any unresolved conflict pester you the entire life. If you will let go any conflict unresolved, it will only exaggerate it and bring resentment for your partner.

6. No intimacy at all

If there is no physical intimacy between you and your partner, again there is something seriously wrong. Physical contact brings both partners together and is a way to show love for each other.

If you are facing any of these relationship problems, do not ignore them and take significant steps to eradicate them. Take an action to stop the crisis before it gets too late or it will eat up your relation.

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