Love and Relationships – 5 ideas to help things run smooth

A relationship between two people can be a wonderful thing. However, there is usually always room for improvement. Many people seek out advice on relationships to discover ways to keep their relationship alive, or to recreate that spark that has somewhat faltered. Below is some advice from us on what we’ve learned about relationships in the form of 5 quick tips:

Love and relationships never run smooth, regardless of how you might think they do for some people. Everyone in their relationship at some time has challenges and the love gets put into question. It’s then people need to seek out advice and help in their relationships to re-discover new ways to keep their relationship alive, or perhaps simply recreate that spark that may have become absent from what was once a loving relationship.

Don’t worry; there is plenty of relationship advice available and there are many different approaches one can take to improving his or her relationship. Yet sometimes it’s really a problem to spot what’s required to be fixed on your own. That said, don’t think all advice is ‘good advice’ – advice is very personal and subjective; what works for some folks does not necessarily work for others. A key factor to consider when seeking advice is be guided by what others’ opinion is of the person giving the advice. Always try to ‘take advice’ from someone who has been recommended by someone you trust and respect – even better if it’s from someone who too has had to seek help in solving their relationship problems.

Here are some quick ideas from us about what we’ve learned about relationships:

Idea #1: If an argument occurs, avoid negative statements such as, “You never..” or “You always…”. These type of statements are unfair and will get you nowhere with your partner. You should think of positive ways to voice your concerns, and use “I” statements.

Idea #2: Never forget a successful relationship takes the effort of both partners. Relationships are always a work in progress.

Idea #3: One really satisfying trick is to write down all the wonderful things that you love about your partner. Then, pull it out and read it when you are having a difficult time. Reading about the positives will help motivate you to put more effort into your working positively on the relationship.

Idea #4: Even if you don’t know how to use text messaging or email, learn! Taking a little time to send a text message or an email to your partner that simply says, “I love you” can be highly impacting in a good way – it’s the smallest gesture that can often mean the most.

Idea #5: Pick your moment wisely to talk through serious issues with your partner. Things will go much more smoothly if your partner is not irritated, tired or generally low.

Also, look around your family and friends and see if there’s any couples you know in a successful relationship or marriage, who may be able to offer you advice on relationships. Yes, you might hear similar advice as we’re offering here but that will just reaffirm the importance of these little ideas. Obviously you will need to decide which pieces of advice you think will work for you and your partner, and then apply them.

And remember that if your partner respects and loves you, and seriously is committed to overcoming any and all hurdles in your relationship, he or she will likely follow your lead and begin to be more positive, loving and communicative. It’s then it becomes a win-win situation for both parties.