Marriage Counseling: Will It Solve Your Unhappy Marriage?

Marriage therapy is often seen as a last resort for couples stuck in an unhappy marriage.  But as with most things there are pros and cons of seeing a marriage counselor.

Marriage therapy is something that is discussed more and more these days. Not surprising when you consider that over half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. There is no escaping the fact that the institution of marriage is in trouble. Marriage is something special – and something that has been part of all human society since the beginning of time, bolstering claims that marriage is an institution generated by God.

A marriage is made up of two people who usually start out with the best intentions of spending their lives together. But things don’t always work out as planned.

The idea of marriage therapy was established as an accepted practice in the 1950s. The primary goal of marriage counseling is to maintain an unwavering married life for couples. These counselors believe that it is not right for a married couple to abandon their vows and forget the love that once had bound them together just because of some human weaknesses.

However, not all professionals agree that marriage counseling gives lasting benefits and promotes change in individuals. In spite of its many advantages, some people still find some fault with this kind of psychological strategy.

Counseling and Your Marriage-The Pros:

The Disadvantages of Marriage Therapy:

Marriage is all about compromise. Compromise is hard. With or without marriage counseling, married couples need to learn to solve their problems. Counseling can be a place to learn these skills, but should never be the only thing used to save an unhappy marriage.

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