Three Rules on How to Build an Incredible Relationship

Relationships sometimes require effort and hard work.  In this article, you’ll learn three rules you can use create a great relationship.

So, you’ve been dating a woman for sometime now and find that you are ready to take things to the next level and begin a relationship. You have mutual attraction and your romantic feelings take you beyond the scope of casual dating.

Relationships can be an incredible experience, but relationships also present one particular danger.

Things in a relationship tend to become too comfortable, fairly stagnant and the fun you used to have with her seemingly disappears. This is not the case for all relationships, but it is unfortunately a very common occurrence.

After sometime, spending time with your girlfriend feels more like a responsibility or a chore rather than the fun time you used to look forward to. All hope is not lost, though.

Here is some brief relationship advice to show you how to build a lasting, incredible relationship. Pay attention to the three rules below to help you maintain a fun, lasting relationship.

Rule No. 1 – Keep the Fun Alive

Letting a relationship become stagnant is greatest threat to a relationship. Relationships are about spending time together and having fun doing it. Just spending time together is not necessarily the same as spending time together and enjoying it. Aim for the latter!

This means that you should avoid letting things become dull when you are together. As the relationship grows, do spontaneous and exciting things like a last-minute trip. Or, venture out in your local city and find some interesting activities to try.

Rule No. 2 – Stick to Equal Ground

When one partner is dominant, a relationship is headed for destruction whether it takes a couple months or several years. If anything, you are both missing out on what could be an incredible relationship.

If you do not respect the woman you are dating, you will begin to view her as inferior which is not a healthy relationship. Likewise, if she is dominant and does not respect you, she will begin to view you as inferior. This is an equally unhealthy balance in a relationship.

Most psychologists suggest that is difficult to be attraction to a partner who you do not consider an equal or respect. Be sure to create a relationship where both partners treat each other as his or her equal.

Rule No. 3 – Maintain Honesty

This is one of the most principles of any relationship advice, but it should remain at the top of the list. Being open and candid about problems you are experiencing is essential to building a long, trusting relationship.

Be honest about something that is bothering you and explain why you are feeling as you are. Encourage her to maintain the same honesty with you. Maintain an open, honest communication and you will find that it is much easier to have an amazing relationship.

It is not hard to develop a relationship, but it does take effort and nurturing. Take it seriously and follow the relationship advice above to help you build an incredible relationship. You really can continue to have fun with the woman you are dating!